Tin El Kadi and Laura Mann will be presenting joint papers on the economic implications of decolonizing knowledge debates at the ASAUK conference in Birmingham in September 2018 and at the ASA-US conference in Atlanta in November, 2018.

Laura Mann took part in a workshop on platformization organized by ITforChange in Mumbai, India, where she spoke about the project with ITforChange’s international network of researchers.

Laura Mann and Gianluca Iazzolino took part in the UNCTAD E-Commerce week in April 2018.

Laura Mann and Gianluca Iazzolino took part in a EU Parliamentary Group hearing on Digitisation in Development in April 2018.

Laura Mann spoke at a forthcoming UNCTAD expert meeting in March 2018

Laura Mann’s research on big data was featured in the leading German languages business newspaper, Handelsblatt 


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